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- Fight For Dirt Track 2014 AMA GNC Combined Points: 1: #7 S. Halbert    2: #5 J. Johnson     3: #2 K. Coolbeth Jr.     4: #44 B. Robinson    5: #14 B. Bauman     6: #80 S. Bonsey    7: #17 H. Wiles    8: #54 M. Rush     9: #9 J. Mees    10: #49 C.Cose     AMA GNC Pro Singles: 1: #24J B. Wilhelm    2: #94B Ryan Wells     3: #19B J. Jones    4: #67M D. Fisher    5: #74Z R. Spencer Jr.     6: #54A D. Bromely     7: #24F J.R. Addison     8: #30Z B. Bauman     9: #26E D. Morin    10: #66Y D. Colindres DandDPowersports

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The Bullet Recaps His Daytona

Brad Baker Hello everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed the month of March and the beginning to the majority of all two wheeled motorsports! For myself March had its ups and downs. It all started off in Savannah Georgia at a beautiful red clay half mile. This is where the AMA Steve Nace All Series starts off each year. I was super excited going to this race track because I was going to be racing a twin here for the first time. Not only would it be my first time on a twin at the track it would also be my first time working with my new team, Factory Harley Davidson. I would also be riding my FMC Dyno Center KTM 450 singles as well. The first couple of days in Georgia were a big disappointment. The day we arrived it started raining and didn't stop for two days. This wiped out two full days of testing with Harley and the first race that was supposed to be on Friday night. Luckily when we woke up on Saturday it was beautiful, clear sky and the race promoters had decided to run the already scheduled amateurs during the day and rescheduled the Pro event to follow that night. They offered a pro twin and single class during the amateur program so I decided to ride because I was plain tired of waiting around! I ended up winning on my 450 and got 3rd on the twin after making a charge from the back row.

The Bullet Cont'd

My hotshoe had fallen off in the heat race which forced me to ride a semi to make it into the main event. So a third from the third row wasn't a bad deal. The race that night was like a mini national! Pretty much all the top riders come out for this race to test their new equipment and get some seat time after riding indoors or on the ice all winter long. I ended up winning the main event on my KTM 450 once again and got a close third on the Harley behind Brandon Robinson and Jared Mees. It was a pretty good way to start off the first outdoor of the year. For the next couple of days we spent our time at a couple different tracks testing on the 450s trying to get them dialed in for the first two rounds of the AMA Pro Racing Grand National Championship at the Daytona Beach short track. It has been a battle for me to get as comfortable on the KTMs as I was on Hondas. However, I was going make myself feel comfortable in my mind no matter what.

The first round at Daytona started out good. I qualified 4th which gave me a good spot on the front row for the heats. Unfortunately, this is where the night started to go downhill. The track changes up so much from during the day to at night that your bike has to be very well rounded to work good in both circumstances. My bike on the other hand didn't want to cooperate so well. I got off line good right behind that nights winner Briar Bauman. With the weather cooling down a lot the mapping was thrown off pretty bad and the motor was not running smooth which made throttle control very difficult. The track was so slick and with the bike not running correct it was almost impossible to not make mistakes and I eventually slipped back to 5th, which meant I would have to ride a semi. We got the bike running smooth again and made some other adjustments and went out and won the semi to transfer into the main event. Now this is where my bad luck started! When we were sitting in staging for the main event we fired the bike up to warm it up and it was making a very loud top end ticking noise. We decided not to chance running it so I hoped on the back up bike that we hadn't ran all day. I had a good start to the main event and was somewhere inside the top 10 when the bike started to cut out. Fortunately, there was a red flag right after it stopped running right so we had some time to figure things out. We couldn�t figure what was wrong with the back up so I decided to hop back on the A bike and just hope it would last the main event. I started the main event from the 4th row and was in a tight battle around mid pack when the flag man threw the black flag pointed at me! I didn't know why this was happening but I tried my best to get off the track safely and not mess up any of the other racers race. What the DQ ended up being for was my crew didn't exchange the two bikes in the back up bike staging area. Instead they took the A bike back to the pit area because they thought it was done for the night. The rules say that all bikes must be held in the back up bike staging area to be valid for use. Even though this bike had already been in staging before the main event and was the bike I had been riding all day. I didn't know what else to do but to accept what had happened and move on to the next day.

The next day things started off decent once again. What ended up being wrong on the bikes was a cam chain tensioner on the first bike and a fuel pump went out on the back up bike. I know what are the chances of both these parts going out on pretty much brand new 2014 KTM's. This time I qualified 5th. The track is always a lot more forgiving in qualifying because there is a lot more traction. I could adjust my riding a lot to make the bike do what I wanted it to do. But still when the sun went down and the track got a lot slicker the motorcycle was once again a handful. I was able to transfer out of the heat race but I was far from happy with how things were going. Traction is the key to success in Daytona and I had very little of it. I ended up getting a good jump off the line in the main event and was running as high as 5th in the first 5 laps. Slowly but surely as my charge started to wear off, others riders started to pick up momentum and I found myself just trying to stay smooth on not make mistakes then trying to move forward and race. It's one of the worst feelings as a racer when you are just trying to get around the track rather than feeling comfortable and pushing forward to the next position. Eventually I settled in 11th position. I hate to blame equipment as the reason to my poor start to 2014 season but the truth is that was the main issue. Since my rookie year in 2011 I have had the best overall average of finishes in Daytona up until this season. I have always had a lot of fun at this track and came out in the top 5 in points. There was just too much change in my whole program and not enough time spent with the bike and team to gain the data and experience we needed to be successful at Daytona. I am surely not going to let it get me down though. I had a very bad luck in Daytona last year and look where it landed me at the end of the year! Fortunately, there is plenty of time to get the 450's where they need to be by the next singles grand national in August. I have swallowed my pride and I plan to come back on strong at the next round on Memorial Day weekend in Springfield Illinois!

Since Daytona I have just been enjoying some time around home up in the northwest and preparing myself for the rest of the season. My Mom, my good friend Tanner and I drove straight home from Daytona so I could ride the last indoor short track of the year that very next weekend. I decided to do one for the fans and bust out J&M dirt track chassis Honda 450 and wear my dirt track leather suit. Any true flat track fan I know loved the original flat track look! It ended up being a great race between myself and other fellow Washington Expert Sammy Halbert. The only bad thing about a framer is they are really hard to get off the starting line. With the track being super dry slick and one lined it was crucial to get a good start. Sammy ended up getting the start on me in both main events on his DTX bike and was doing a great job of plugging the inside. I think I ran into the back of him almost every lap both main events trying to get a drive on him off the corners. Eventually I ran out of laps in the first main but I gave it more of a fight at the end of the second main event. I was finally fed up with trying to make room on the inside so I gave it a go on the outside. Going into turn three the lap before the white flag i left the throttle on longer and rolled around the outside of him and got back on it earlier. I was past him at the start finish but I was a little too wide going into turn 1 and the front end pushed really hard making me go wide and letting him back by. So I ended the night with two close second place finishes and had a lot of fun!

I fly out on Friday at the end of this week to Los Angeles California for the 70th annual Trail Blazers Banquet. I will be sitting at a table with legends like The King Kenny Roberts, Bubba Shobert and Gene Romaro. I am really looking forward to getting down there and showing my respects to the past Stars of motorcycle racing.

I can't thanks all of my fans, friends, family and especially my sponsors for helping make every step of this dream life a reality!

2014 Sacramento Mile Canceled

Sent on behalf of Circle Bell Motorsports:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (March 29, 2014) - Unfortunately, and due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sacramento Mile, an AMA Pro Flat Track event originally scheduled to take place on July 26, 2014 at the Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA, has been canceled.

"This is a very unfortunate turn of events," said Bob Bellino, promoter of the Sacramento Mile for the last four years. "We're sorry that we won't be able to host the AMA Pro Flat Track races at the Cal Expo venue this year. There were unexpected complications with the horse racing industry regarding track conditions that have led to the improbable cancellation of the event. It is very disheartening to me that we won't run the Sacramento Mile in 2014."

The news comes as an obvious disappointment to fans, sponsors and riders, as the Sacramento Mile has been an exciting mainstay on the AMA Pro Flat Track schedule for the past four years, with a rich history that dates back to 1959.

The good news, however, is that though the Sacramento Mile has been canceled, there are still a number of AMA Pro Flat Track events scheduled to take place out west, including a half-mile at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, WA July 19, the Castle Rock TT in Castle Rock, WA August 2, the Santa Rosa Mile scheduled for September 28, 2014 in Santa Rosa, CA at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, just an hour and a half west of Sacramento, and the Flat Track Finals at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA.

AMA Pro Racing is the premier professional motorcycle racing organization in North America, operating a full schedule of events and championships for a variety of motorcycle disciplines. Learn more about AMA Pro Racing at

For additional information contact:
AMA Pro Racing Communications, (386) 492-1014,

Top 1 Oil/Zanotti

Zanotti Racing Announces Sponsorship Agreement with Top 1 Oil
Top 1 Gets Behind Zanotti Racing's Harley Championship Title Chase

SAN JOSE, March 22, 2014 - Zanotti Racing is pleased to announce that a major sponsorship agreement has been reached with Top 1 Oil of San Mateo California. Top 1 Oil has signed on to support the team in keeping David Zanotti's stable of Harley Davidson XR 750's at or near the top of the box in 2014 as the team chases its 4th AMA Grand National Title.

Top 1 Oil David Zanotti, owner of Zanotti Racing explains, "Since the 70's when my father Mario founded Zanotti Racing and won the first championship with Steve Eklund, we have strived to align ourselves with quality people, products, and sponsors. Top 1 Oil fits the bill perfectly. Keeping five Harley Davidson XR750's in top running condition for three time champ Kenny Coolbeth and up-and-comer Stevie Bonsey is challenging. Our goal is to regain the AMA Grand National Title once again and Top 1 Oil will help get us there."

From Frank Ryan, V. P. Sales & Marketing, "Top 1 Oil, a high quality lubricants company, is very excited to be partnered up with the first rate Zanotti Racing team for the 2014 season. Zanotti Racing has a rich racing history similar to Top 1. My father started Top 1 in the 70's and continues today as A family run business with a focus on producing quality products and working with quality people."

About Zanotti Racing
Zanotti Racing is a leading GNC race team, based in San Jose, California. In the 2010 and 2011 the team won back-to-back Grand National Championships. The team presently has two highly talented riders, Kenny Coolbeth and Stevie Bonsey contesting the 2014 GNC series.

About Top 1 Oil Products Company
TOP 1 Oil Products Company, U.S.A., is one the largest exporters of synthetic lubricants from the West Coast of the United States. Their synthetic lubricants, grease and chemicals are well-recognized by consumers and racing communities around the world.

Daytona for Dominic

This past weekend was the AMA Grand National Flattrack race held in Daytona, Florida. This was the first race of the season to kick off the championship. I didn't know what to expect for the first race. There was a lot of fast rookies coming into the class and I would be in my own equipment this year. Also, Daytona is always a tough race to get through and could either bring some highs or some lows with it. I just wanted to get some valuable points towards the championship out of this race since it hasn't been too good to me in the past.

Daytona Night One
Qualifying was going very smooth for me. Every time I went onto the track I was in the top ten. In the first session I qualified second and was feeling good. We made a gearing change and that was all we did. The track got a little more hooked up so the times in the second qualifying session were much closer. I believe I qualified sixth overall. I was very happy with this because it gave me a front row start and I would be lined up close to the inside. We made another gearing change after practice for the heat race.

In the heat race I was lined up third from the inside. I got a horrible start and was in about fifth place into the first turn. I got a little bit more shuffled back after some bumping took place between some other riders. I was riding around in sixth place struggling really bad. The track workers pulled the loose dirt back to the inside of the track and it was pretty wet. I was having trouble hooking up and coming out of the corners. On the second to last lap my chain fell off coming out of turn four after I bounced pretty hard out of a rut. I finished last and was headed for the semi.

In the semi I was lined up on the third row and didn't know how I could make it into the top 4 from there. I got a great start and stayed low in turn one and got around a lot of people. I was in about sixth place coming out of turn four on the first lap. The race was then red flagged due to a rider down. The second start was not as good and I came out of the first turn in about 8th. The rest of the race I made passes and ended up with a second. I was very happy with that result because it put me comfortably into the main event.

In the main event I was lined up on the third row. During the first three laps I didn't make too many passes and I was in about thirteenth place. At about halfway I started making a pass on a rider about every lap and I ended up eighth. I was happy with this result because I made the best out of what I had and got some decent points. I also didn't give up and kept charging until the end of the race.

Daytona Night Two
Qualifying was going pretty rough for me on day two. I tried another bike in the first free practice and I ended up seventh. The bike handled very good but was stock and didn't have enough power to pull hard down the straights. My other bike had a lot of power but was sliding all over the place in the next two qualifying sessions. In the first session I ended up nineteenth and we made a lot of changes after this. We changed the forks, gearing, and air pressures. In the second session I ended up twelfth. Overall I ended up fourteenth overall. This didn't put me on the front row for the heat race but it put me on the inside of the second row which I thought would be just as good.

In the heat race I was in about sixth place but struggling really bad. The track was very smooth but very wet and slippery. The track officials even had to mark a line going into turn three and said to stay away from it because it was too wet to the inside of the line. I started falling back because of my bad drives out of the corners and I ended ump eighth. This sent me to the semi again.

In the semi I was lined up on the front row. I was in about fifth place for the first half of the race then moved into fourth. On the last lap I made a pass for third and thats where I finished. The bike still was all over the place and I wasn't looking forward to the main.

In the main event I was lined up on the third row. The race was pretty wild. At times I was up into about seventh and other times I was down to about thirteenth. With two red flags and other crashes, the field was getting all mixed up. I made a couple passes which led me to get passed by other riders and I ended up a disappointing twelfth.

Daytona didn't treat me to good again but I definitely got some decent points. I am currently in the top ten of points and I feel like I am still in a good position for the championship. Our next race for the Pro Singles class is June 15th at the Knoxville Half-Mile in Iowa.

I would just like to give a special thanks to my sponsors who make this all possible: Mom and Dad, Motorcycle-Superstore, Bell Helmets, Motion Pro, Evans Coolant, Spider Grips, CP Pistons and Carillo Rods, Spectro Oils, Works Connection, Saddlemen Seats, G2 Ergonomics, K&N Air Filters, LightShoe, SixFive0 Racing, Frankie Morris, and Mach 1 Motorsports.

Lloyd Brothers Motorsports JJ5

Chad Cose After a spectacular tumble in the main event on night one, Jake started from the fourth row of the complete restart and worked his way up to tenth. Determinied and comfortable, Johnson arrived at the track for day two and put in great rides to win the fastest heat race, the all-important points paying Dash for Cash and completed the evening by finishing second in the main event

The entire team would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and we are looking forward to the upcoming round three at the Springfield Mile in May.

Lloyd Brothers Motorsports and Jake Johnson 5 Chad Cose

Pearson's Bike Week

Pearson Daytona Bike week has come and gone and that lime rock short track has got the best of me again. After qualifying 12th the first day, I got a good start in the heat and ended up 2nd, good enough for the dash for cash and a front row start in the main. Ended up 5th in the dash and after bouncing everywhere but on the ground I could only manage 16th in the main. The second night things were worse yet. I qualified 18th which was just good enough for the front row in my heat and after the battle for the last transfer spot I came up a spot short and was headed to the semi. I had a tough group, but knew that I could make it. I was off and running in 3rd looking for a spot to pass Carver for 2nd while trying not to give up the last transfer spot into the main at the same time. As I was looking for a way under Jeffery here comes Henry Wiles around the outside of both of us and my day was done early. I was going to use my provisional since I was in the top ten in points from last season. Jared Mees finished behind me in the semi but had more points last year and got to use his provisional. We did manage to get out on our new Kawasaki twin at Steve Nace's 1/2 mile All Star Races. the new Kawasaki 700 feels good and I will be ready for Springfield! Hope to see you there.

A big Thank You to our sponsors

Rob Pearson #27

Zanotti Racing 2014 Update

zanottiWelcome to the first update on Zanotti Racing's chase for the 2014 AMA Grand National Championship. Team owner David Zanotti made some big changes in the offseason in hopes of earning another title for the team. The first was to acquire the services of Kenny Coolbeth, Jr. With Kenny's recent departure from the Harley Davidson factory team, picking him up seemed a no-brainer. As David Zanotti stated, "Kenny is a consummate professional. I look forward to winning a lot of races with him." Next, David Atherton was hired to build the Harleys that Kenny will ride in 2014. With 30 years of experience on XR 750's, and fresh off a championship season as a tuner, it was a surprise that he was available to join the team.

Since Dave Atherton only required two XRs for the year's campaign, the team was left with three more Harleys available for the season. At this point, Zanotti realized he could go with a two rider team with a little more work. Stevie Bonsey, recently returning from Moto GP, has never had a full season to show his dirt track skills. Zanotti decided to give him a shot. He went to Steve Polk of Pinit Motorsport in Seaside California and asked him if he thought he could build Harleys on the west coast for Stevie to ride. Polk has been a supporting member of Zanotti Racing for over ten years, building the 450's since they were in framers. His answer was a resounding, yes. David brought Michelle Disalvo on board to do overall maintenance and to support the team's west coast operations. With vast dirt track and Supermoto experience, she is an asset in trying to keep the Harleys and 450's in race-ready condition. By December, all of the players were on board and it was time to get to work on the championship chase.

Gene Romero hosts a two day race in Las Vegas that has become a season opener and a "don't miss" get together for the flat track family on the west coast. Zanotti Racing used this as an opportunity to get most of the team together for a week of racing and testing. Kenny Coolbeth flew to Vegas and Michelle, Steve Polk, Bonsey and the boss drove down from San Jose. The racing wasn't stellar on our part, but the time together and experience as a unit was invaluable. We rented the track in Perris California for two days and Josef Buxton and Ammar Bazzaz of Bazzaz Electronics were kind enough to spend a Monday and Tuesday with us teaching us the ins and outs of modern electronic fuel injection. Kenny and Stevie spent 2 days of invaluable riding and testing. By tweaking air pressures, suspension and various adjustments, lap times were consistently kept down, which helped the team, understand the needs of each rider. The team parted ways, feeling very optimistic for the season ahead, but left a lot of work to do in the short two months before Daytona.

Logistically, David was presented with the transportation issue of how to transport three Harleys and at least four Honda 450's back and forth across the country for the season. Chris Carr, of CC4, happened to have a race rig for sale that fit the bill perfectly. We loaded up on March 1st in both San Jose, CA and in White Pigeon, MI and met up in Savannah, GA a few days later to test our Harleys for the first time with the new team. Testing in Savannah went fabulous with both riders setting fast lap times and adjusting the bikes to meet their needs. After a three day deluge, the Steve Nace race was on for Saturday night. We arrived early and were anxious to hit the track. Practice went well with both riders looking good. Stevie's heat race was first, with stiff competition lined up with him. Stevie was first into turn one and never looked back, easily outpacing the field to win his heat by about 6 bike lengths. Kenny's heat was on tap next. Kenny didn't get a great start, but at the completion of the first lap, was driving up the inside of Baker, going for the lead the second time into turn one. He got a bit too close and rubbed up on Brad and tore the carburetor from his bike. He was now relegated to the semi, taking the lead early and winning with about a full straightaway lead. We lined up for the main, with a rider on the front row and a rider on the back, with both having the speed to win the race.

In only 8 laps, it would be a challenge for Kenny to work his way to the front, but he had shown the speed all night and we began the race with confidence. At the start, Kenny shot to mid pack immediately with Stevie in 2nd, bouncing off of Mees's rear wheel. The second time into turn three, the race began to unravel for us. Stevie, being over-anxious, made the mistake of pushing too early and entering the corner underneath Jared, who was entering slower and protecting the bottom. Stevie laid it down; causing a complete restart that put him on the back row. Kenny pulled into the hot box with a broken coil mount and his night was done. Stevie rode fast and hard, picking off riders every lap, and finished 5th. Savannah was, in all actuality, very promising for the season ahead. The bikes were proven to have the speed to run up front, even with one of the premier Kawasaki's on the circuit, and both riders proved they were comfortable and capable on the equipment. Kenny Coolbeth stated, "This is how a motorcycle is supposed to be prepared. I haven't had this in the past." We left Savannah guardedly optimistic.

With Savannah behind us, it was now time to concentrate on the real job at hand, the first two opening rounds of the championship chase at Daytona. After a test and tune day of practice, we were ready. Thursday's day one, started well. Kenny was fast from the first practice with Stevie making improvements every time out on the track. Having both riders in heat two was a bit disconcerting, but our stated goal was to finish first and second in every race. Stevie struggled to a 6th place finish in the heat, but Kenny was up front and earned a 2nd place finish and qualified for the important dash for cash. In the DFC, Kenny showed the racer he was by moving forward in the short four lap race to the front, and finished a solid 2nd. By posting the fastest lap of the race, we were very confident heading towards the main event. Stevie's semi was a nail biter as it was stacked with current champ, Brad and tough competitors, Baker, Wiles and Carver, and returning dangerous vets like Schnabel and Dan Ingram. Stevie got an average start and moved forward stalling at 4th place, just one spot out of the show behind Baker, Wiles, and Texter. Henry laid it down, coming out of four, and gifted the team a spot in the main with Stevie earning the last transfer spot and an unenviable 3rd row starting position.

The main event started with Kenny moving into a solid 3rd place position and Stevie mired in the back of the pack. Kenny was racy and setting faster times than the 2 riders ahead of him, but caught his left foot on the berm outlining the track entering three, and laid it down. He managed to get up unhurt but was a lap down as he got going again. Stevie, meanwhile, continued to fight and worked his way up from a 17th place starting position to finish 9th and salvage decent points for the evening. We left after night one knowing we had the speed to run up front, but cursed our bad luck.

Day two started with both riders seemingly refocused and a bit angry. Friday was a bit up-side-down for the team compared to the previous day. Kenny and Stevie were, once again, in the same heat, but this time, Stevie won and earned a spot in the DFC, with Kenny finishing 3rd. With no semi to run this night, the team focused solely on the main event. Stevie over rode the track a bit in the DFC and moved backwards to finish 4th in the short race, but picked up a few much needed bonus points for the effort. In the main event, Stevie got a good start running a strong 2nd. He had just taken the lead when the race was red flagged for a crash. This was a disappointing complete restart. The restart looked as though Kenny was shot out of cannon. Kenny took the lead on the 5th lap and the race was pretty uneventful from there. He kept putting distance on the field, lap after lap, for a runaway victory. Stevie fought hard and earned an impressive 3rd place finish for the last spot on the podium. We left Daytona with two riders in the top five for the title chase. Kenny is only 12 out of the lead and Stevie is two points behind him. We feel, overall, that Daytona was a success. We are positioned well with excellent machinery for the remainder of the season and the team is working well together. Dave Atherton, Steve Polk and Michelle Disalvo had the bikes prepared well and in top shape each time on the track. Chris Carr worked great with Stevie, helping him to improve each time he hit the track. Kevin Atherton's insights helped with strategy and set up at every event.

Fielding a two rider team couldn't be possible without the support of our sponsors. We announced earlier that the team has signed a contract with Top 1 Oil. We welcome their help and look to assure them that they made a good choice in supporting us. Pat Moroney from Moroney's Harley Davidson has stepped up immensely and our Harley program wouldn't be possible without his help. Bazzaz has enlightened us to the benefits of and possibilities of electronic fuel injection and our finishes at Daytona are a testament to that. Motion Pro has been a longtime supporter and sponsor of Zanotti Racing and we cannot thank them enough for the continued support. David Drew of Drew Massa Trucking in Salinas has stepped up huge this year in his support and we thank them immensely. Ron Guzman of RGR racing has also been a welcomed addition. We would also like to thank Arai, Cool Breeze, Alpine Stars, D&D Leathers, K&N Filters, Cometic Gaskets, Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers, CC4, The Motor Caf� in Sunnyvale, Pinit Motorsports, G2 Ergonomics, Works Connection, Santa Cruz Bicycle, Vortex, Ride Engineering, Billbuilt Pipes, Mikuni USA, EKS Brand Goggles, Millennium Technologies, Kenny Roberts and Warren Willing. Without the support of these great sponsors, this team would not be possible. We would like to remind our fans to support those who support our sport.

Thank you again for all your support and we look forward to seeing you in Springfield.

Brandon Robinson Starts off 2014

Brandon RobinsonOxford, PA (March 24, 2014) - The 2014 AMA Pro Flat Track season is here and the contenders are already making their way to the front of the pack. One rider who had a breakthrough season last year proved that 2013 was no fluke and came out swinging at Daytona. His name is Brandon Robinson.

Robinson suffered an injury during the off-season while testing at the Steve Nace Indoor Nationals in Duquoin, IL. He broke his collarbone and it required surgery for repair. He decided to race a few events before Rounds 1 and 2 at Daytona Flat Track to get comfortable on the bike again and test the twins he will be racing this season.

"We did both of the Steve Nace All-Star races during Bike Week at Savannah and Volusia," said Robinson. "I was a little rusty, but I felt solid on the bike. We won Savannah on the Twin and finished third at Volusia. We also did the Volusia Short Track race and got the victory from the back row. I felt good on the bike and I was feeling very confident heading in the Short Track."

In 2013, Robinson won his first ever Grand National at Daytona en route to a third place overall finish in the championship. After qualifying fifth on Day 1, Brandon finished fourth in his heat race. This would put him on the second row for the main event. He rode a smart, smooth race and picked off as many riders as he could to finish on the podium in third place. A very solid finish to kick off the season.

Day 2 started off similar with a sixth in qualifying. However, the heat race went much better and he grabbed the start he needed and checked out to grab the victory. It was looking very positive for the main event until another rider went down and collected Robinson in the process. He fought back from the fourth row to finish a very solid fifth place.

"I am satisfied with my finishes at the Daytona Flat Track," said Robinson. "I think I had the speed to win the second day, but it's short track racing and anything can happen. I am pleased with how I rode both days. I can't complain about two top 5's. We picked up good points and we are in a good position heading into Springfield."

Robinson will once again campaign the USC Racing Kawasaki's in the Expert Twins season this year and is looking to pick up where he left off last season where he won back-to-back Springfield Mile main events in the fall.

Coolbeth- His own words.

Daytona 1
Well Daytona was good and bad for me. The first night I qualified ok, I felt good going into the night program. In my heat I got off 2nd to Halbert and was right on him but couldn't make the pass. In the dash I ended up 2nd as well with me right on Halbert again. I just couldn't make it happen. I felt great going into the main and knew I needed a good start to stay out of trouble. I ended up getting the hole shot but there was a red flag due to a rider down. I was bummed. On the restart I got off 3rd and on lap 5 I went for a pass on Halbert and hit the inside burm and just tucked the front end and went down, so that wrecked my night. I was really disappointed but knew I had the next night to make up for it. It was hard for me to forget about the crash but I knew I had to start to concentrate on the next day. I ended up 17th for the night.

Daytona 2
Day 2 at Daytona didn't go that well in qualifying and I ended up 19th overall. I knew we had the right set up for the night program. In my heat I was on the 2nd row due to my bad qualifying and knew I had to get the best start that I could. I think I got off around 5th and started to pick them off. I got up to 3rd and just ran out of time to attempt to get 1st and 2nd. I really wanting to make it to the dash but missed it by one. In the main event I started on the 2nd row and didn't get the best start. I think I was around 8th or 10th and on the first lap guys went down in turn 4 and it was a total restart which I needed. Second start was way better and was 5th or so. I saw that everyone was up high on the track so I went to the bottom. I started to pass guys and got up to 2nd with Johnson up ahead, a good distance. I just kept riding my line and on lap 5 I passed Jake. Around lap 21 I was coming up on some lapped riders, when they where shown the blue flag they let me pass them. I had a 4.069 second lead when the checked flag dropped. I was so pumped up, I have been trying to win Daytona for 21 years and it finally happened. This win is up there on my favorite wins. I am really looking forward to a great season and with the people involved in my program.

"Surround yourself with good people and good things will happen"


Maguire's Daytona

Wyatt Maguire Race Report: Daytona, Rounds 1 / 2
Well we are back from daytona round 1 and round 2. I must say that it did not go as planned but I defiantly got my feet wet and a taste of the expert class. This year we had awesome weather in daytona and I was more nervous than ever before. I had a game plan going into daytona and that was to ride the ktm, but when I rode it in Savannah and it didn't feel the best I decided to just ride the Honda.

The first day in Daytona I must say I was unbelievable nervous for my first expert race. I was probably so nervous because I didn't get to ride very much dirt this winter, but I did get on the ice a lot more than normal. Also it all becomes real when you look at the board and your name is right next to guys you have looked up to for many years. I went out on the Honda for the first round of practice and I honestly felt very good on the bike. I just needed to find a way to calm down and set some fast laps. My next time out was qualifying number one and we decided to give the Yamaha a try. After the first round of qualifying I felt way better on the Honda but we decided to make some changes to the Yamaha and give it another try. After qualifying was all over I was lost. My gearing was way different on both bikes and one bike I felt really good on and the other I felt horrible on. After thinking about it awhile I made the choice to not worry about what any one would say and just rode the bike I felt best on.

Time for racing I felt a lot better I was more relaxed than what I was in qualifying and I had an awesome start from the second row. I think on the first lap I came around in about tenth and by the end I worked my way up to eighth. I came off the track not too worried about my finish for my first ever heat race in the expert class. In my semi I snagged the hole shot until someone went down causing a restart. On the restart I came around in second place and tried to drive it into turn three a little deeper than in my heat and skated too long letting someone get under me for a pass. I ran third almost the whole semi, which was the last transfer spot until someone came inside me and I made a rookie mistake on the daytona track and spun the back tire giving him room to finish the pass on me. There was a little rubbing there but was not bad. All in all I was a little disappointed I didn't make the main but at the same time I was happy to be that close my first time out there with them. My goal was to make the main both nights and get some points for rookie of the year.

On day two I was not as nervous, but nerves were still there. I decided to stick to the Honda all day on day two. I felt awesome first time out on the track and second time, but wasn't until the third time out my confidence went away a little when I felt like I didn't cut a good lap. Over all on the second day I qualified 20th over all was better then 31st like the first night.

As soon as race time came I was feeling good until I had a bad start from the second row. I am not sure where I came around but I now I ended up working my way up to another eighth place finish in a heat race. Made a few changes to the bike getting ready for my semi and going into very confident that today was the day I would make my first expert main. Well if you didn't hear I jumped the start in my semi and got put on the fourth row. From the fourth row I had an awesome start and probably worked my way all the way up to ninth or eighth in the first two laps until someone went down causing a restart. On the restart I had a very bad start but I knew it wasn't over so I just tried to put my head down and charge and see how high up we could finish. I was able to work my way all the way up to a sixth place finish from the fourth row falling three spots shy of the last transfer spot.

In the end Daytona didn't go as plan, but I learned a lot and I was able to get some of my nervous out of the way. I learned that my lap times are almost just as fast as a lot as a lot of these guys I look up to and that it really isn't scary racing against them like I thought it was. I am going to definitely going to take this all as a positive and I ll be in spring field ready to go. This will motivate me more than it will bring me down. I have great people helping me and I cant thank them enough and I will do what I can to put it in the main next time.

Thank You
Wyatt Maguire

Hazen at the Beach

HazenWell Daytona was definitely exactly how I was told it was going to be. Small( smaller than it looks on tv) rough,and slick. But we had a blast!

For day one,we went in really confident and my main goal was to make the night show. In practice we had a hard time putting a good lap in so we changed some suspension and went out for our first qualifying. The changes worked great and I ended up in 29th. Second round came and it was even better with me putting in a great lap time which sent me into the 23rd spot. This put me into the night show! A bet with Tyler Porter of who will do better in qualifying landed me a free meal as well. Months of training and working hard finally paid off. Heat races weren't how I wanted them to go, but it was a learning experience. I will go off of and apply what I learned to future races.

Day two didn't go as planned. Day one I had wrecked pretty bad and I ended up having a swollen shoulder and leg. I was timid while riding because of the wreck and we couldn't get one good lap in for qualifying, so my night was cut short. Overall it was a great experience for my first Grand National. Now onto Springfield for the Springfield Mile!

Daytona JD Beach

Chad CoseThe season has finally started but it wasn't the start I was hoping for. It all started a week before Daytona started with the first leg of the trip at Savannah for the Steve Nace All Star series. Savannah is hands down one of the best Half Miles around and is always a blast to ride. This year was no different, other than there was a lot of sitting around and watching, more on that later.

This year the trip was a little hectic. The week leading up to leaving I was out in California for doing some Yamaha filming and pit stop practice. If you haven't seen it yet check out Yamaha's FaceBook page. So with staying out in California for a week then getting home the day before leaving for Savannah then having to load everything for two weeks was hard. I had everything from bicycles, to dirt track gear, to road race gear, dirt track bikes, and food. Somehow we didn't forget anything, I was really surprised! The only bummer was I chased a storm that started in California and rained the whole time out there, got home to snow, then got to Savannah with more rain.

We did end up getting to race but a three day event got pushed into one day and Steve Nace and his crew ran through something crazy, like 500 entries!! We didn't get as much track time as I was hoping but still got to race. For the weekend with the help from TJ Burnett, Van Hammel, and Victory Circle Graphix I had a 2010 Yamaha 450 to race since my 2014 Yamaha 450 is still being built. It wasn't as fast as we had hoped, I had many fast experts pass me around the outside through the turn while I was wide open. We did walk away with two 5th's and a 6th on an underpowered bike!! Two things that made the weekend worth it though was getting to relax and doing fun stuff and seeing some cool stuff with some great people since we got rained out a couple days. The other thing was having Davis Fisher apart of the team for his first year as a Pro racer. His dad Rex has helped me a lot growing up with riding, bike setup, and bikes to race. I've been lucky enough to do the same for Davis and to make sure he always had the best bikes to ride. It made it even more worth it when I was laying in bed Friday night watching the National and in just his second race scored a podium finish at the Daytona Short Track.

After Savannah it was time to head South and get down to business. When I say business I mean finding all the unique places to eat. Daytona always has some good places to eat and with the beach being right there was relaxing before what ended up being a very rough and hard Daytona 200 weekend.

Come Thursday I was so ready for the race weekend. We had our first riders meeting of the year, getting our head shots done, and everything else we do the first race weekend. The feelings deep inside kept building up and I couldn't wait to get out on track. To spin the first laps on my first full time factory ride, I couldn't wait, and it finally happened. Along with all my other "firsts" as a factory ride. Bike problems, bad luck, just about anything that could happened did. Now I've had two bad tests and a bad race weekend, they say everything comes in 3's so hopefully its all gone now. But with all that said I felt great on the bike, I did some of my fastest times ever at Daytona without even having a draft which is big there. The team did work their butts off all weekend to fix everything that did happen and I can't thank them enough for that. After little track time and bad luck we still qualified 7th, no that's not fantastic but with everything that was going on it was good enough. Plus it didn't even matter because from the 3rd row I almost had the hole shot but was 2nd going into turn 1.

Before I finish talking about the race I need to talk about the things that went on during the weekend. First off I know people aren't happy with the AMA for only five races and so on' but bad mouthing this series isn't going to help. We all need to try as hard as we can, riders, mechanics, teams, and fans to help get the series back where it has been. Next congrats to Cameron Beaubier, DSB Champion to AMA Pro Superbike winner in less than 6 months. I've known Cameron for a long time and he's one of my best friends, he's an amazing racer and it was cool to see him come out swinging and win his first race. But a Kentucky Boy did take pole away from him, Roger Hayden, which was cool to see too. Last I have to say nice job to Hayden Gillim with two great races in SuperSport. After a motor breaking he had to start on the 7th row and still ran in the lead group in both races. He had the fastest lap in Race 2 and finished 3rd. Hayden is racing on a new team this year and has been working so hard this offseason. After seasons of doing his own team and us having to make sure everything was ready and at the track its awesome to see him on a great team and working so hard. It's always nice having family at the track but it makes it hard to watch his races haha.

Ok back to my race, it started off great but kind of ended up like a piece of wood in the ocean. I just drifted farther and farther away. I'm not to sure what was going on, we just didn't have the speed I thought we would. I felt great on the bike but something just wasn't clicking. Then to top it off we finally worked our way into the Top 5 and with about 10 laps to go I high sided. That's about all I can tell you, I remember high siding then I remember trying to pick up the bike. No sliding, not getting up, not running to the bike. I did get the bike picked up and back to the pits. The team got it ready to go again but I was so dizzy I couldn't ride again. I was a little out of it. Like I said on FaceBook, I started the race on the track and finished it in the hospital. Not the 200 I was hoping for but that's racing.

Now I'm back home in Kentucky, feeling a lot better than the night after the 200. I can actually stand up without holding on to stuff and walk without looking drunk haha. The weather is finally getting better here at home, not great but better. I'm looking forward to getting some riding in and counting down the days until the next race.

Cose and ERT Team Up

Chad CoseChad 'The Cali Kid' Cose to Team Up with Engelhart Research & Technology (ERT) to Contest AMA Pro Flat Track Season-Opening Rounds at the Daytona Short Track
National number 49 Chad Cose of Fremont, CA. will be joining forces with Englehart Research & Technology (ERT) to kick-off the AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Championship season at rounds 1 & 2 in Daytona Beach, FL. on March 13-14.

Based out of Salem, OH., Englehart Research & Technology is fresh off their 2013 Horizon Award-winning campaign with rider Jeffery Lowery. Team owner Tom Englehart has decided to field two riders to start off the season in Daytona, with veteran rider Cose to team alongside Pro Singles rookie Lowery and both will be aboard ERT-backed Honda CRF450R's. Cose will campaign the Expert Singles Series event while Lowery will be making his Pro debut in the Pro Singles Series class.

"I am really excited to work with ERT as Tom is such a knowledgeable guy and puts 110% into his program," stated Cose when asked about this new venture to kick start the new season. "That really gets me fired up to go out and fight for good results for not only myself but for ERT as well. We have already built a good relationship in the short time we have known one another, and I trust in his judgment and the direction he is going with ideas on bike set up, so it makes it that much easier making the transition from riding my personal bikes to the team bikes. I feel as if I have struggled somewhat the last couple of years trying to manage my own program, but I don't regret the direction I took at all," continued CC49. "I think it has taught me some very valuable lessons and made me stronger as a person as a rider. More than anything I'm ready to get down to Florida and really fight for it this year and be up front where I know I belong and show everyone I'm here to stay."

ERT's Tom Englehart is also looking forward to the season-openers at Daytona and is looking for a strong showing. When asked about his thoughts, Engelhart stated, "After a long, cold winter I am very excited to get the season started. I hope we have built some bikes that are capable of assisting Chad to his best Daytona finish. I would also like to thank Ron Hamp for all his help and guidance during the off season." ERT Racing will kick off their pre-season testing at Savannah, GA. at round 1 of the Steve Nace Racing AMA All-Star Series on March 7th at Oglethorpe Speedway.

Johnson 2014

Jake Johnson finalizes 2014 Team and Sponsors
Jake JohnsonLloyd Brothers Motorsports, Inc. (LBM) and Parkinson Brothers Racing (PBR) have combined forces with title sponsorship from Ramspur Winery for the 2014 AMA Pro Racing dirt track season. Two-time Grand National Champion, Jake Johnson will be the sole rider and will have the full resources of the team at his disposal with Brent Armbruster continuing as crew chief.

"Our focus is to make sure that the team has every possible advantage to compete at the front of the pack at each race" stated Ramspur Winery's Nancy Otton. "The stable of motorcycles that the team has assembled to compete this year is impressive including 450 singles, V-twin, L-Twin and parallel- twin cylinder motorcycles" added Terry Otton.

"I joined the team part way through last season and it really feels like home to me" said 2010 and 2011 National Champion, Johnson. "We have a great group of people on the team that are talented, professional and work very well together. The bikes' performed very well and I am confident that they capable of running at the front and winning. I felt very comfortable on the bikes at our last test without the intake restrictors and I am really excited for this season."

"This is the most talented group of like-minded and hard-working crew and sponsors that we have been able to assemble in several years" said David Lloyd. "We are well prepared for the season and look forward to the fast-approaching Daytona Short Track races." added Craig Parkinson.

In addition to Ramspur Winery the team is proud to receive support from Motion Pro, Daniel Kalal, Thom Duma Fine Jewelers and Victory Chevrolet.

"We are proud of both product and financial participation from our sponsors. We are very confident in our ability to finish well in each event with the team and quality sponsors that we have assembled. It is going to be a fun year." reported team co-owner Michael Lloyd.

Product sponsors include K&N Engineering, Vortex, Silkolene, Mr. Sign, Yuasa Battery, BrakeTech, RaceImage, NCR, Saddlemen, RaceTech, Pro 1 Industries, Stauffer Motors, Arai Helmets, Sidi Boots, TLD, Eurosports, Diamond Chain, VMC Racing Frames, CV4, NJK, Works Connection, RHC, Smith, Xceldyne and Scott Powersports.

Brad Baker Superprestegio Report

Brad BakerHey Everyone! First off I hope all of you had a great New Years and have had a great start to the brand new 2014 season. For me 2014 has already shown to be another steady upward climb in progression and success! There have been so many great things happen to me in such a short time that it's almost unreal. From getting my own place and living on my own, to becoming the new Factory Harley Davidson rider, to hooking up with Fun Mart Cycle and Dyno Center riding amazing KTM 450 SX-F's, and then just still realizing that I am the #1 Grand National Flat Track Champion that people refer to as the best flat track racer in the world! Those are just they key points! I have been blessed in so many ways and I am so thankful to be where I am! At 20 years old you can say that I feel like I am on top of the world. Even when I have accomplished all this there is no room for slowing down. I am still getting faster on the bike and I still have many goals I want to reach not only this year but for the rest of career. It has only just begun!

Brad Baker2014 started out last weekend as what will probably go down as one the most memorable events of my whole career. Around early December I was honored to be invited to the Superprestegio Dirt track event put on by RPM Racing with support of Moto GP World Champion Marc Marquez. The race would be held in the amazing Palau Saint Jordi Stadium in the beautiful city of Barcelona Spain. The Superprestegio event was initially held as a road race grand prix back in the 70s-90's that brought out of a bunch of top named World GP riders. The race eventually lost interest in the mid 90's and wasn't revived again until this year when main promoter Jaime Alguersuri and Marq Marquez along with RPM Racing put their heads together and brought the great event back to life. Since a good majority of World GP riders cross train with dirt track nowadays and with the huge history of dirt track riders turned road racers that became world champions it was a perfect time to put on such an event as a dirt track race and make the dirt track presence known again on the world stage.

Brad BakerThe event involved riders such as the Moto GP, Moto 2, Moto 3 world champions, Kenny Noyes and handful of other Gp riders along with other riders from all over the world that compete in all sorts of different racing disciplines. Kenny is the son of Dennis Noyes who promoted the first ever dirt track race in Spain with Jaime Alguersuri years ago. He started off his career as a dirt tracker in the states and now lives in Barcelona as a world gp rider. The race program was a pretty interesting format. There were three classes, The GP class, the open class and the Junior class. The gp class involved all the Gp road race riders, the open class involved at the DT riders and other discipline riders such as myself and the junior class was for young riders that all rode Kawasaki 140's supplied by the Noyes Dirt track Camp. The way the program worked was you had to make it through several rounds of qualifying, heat races, and finish inside the top three in your class to earn a transfer spot to the super final race which would decide who was the fastest rider of the night. Would it be a GP Rider or an Open rider? As to be expected I pretty much laid the hammer to the competition in the open class the whole night. I set fast time in every session, got every hole shot and won by a huge margin in both heat races and the open main event. I knew this would not be my toughest race of the night though. Marq Marquez is an amazing rider and was the only rider close to my lap times the whole night. He won every time he was on the track except once and would be the rider to line up right next to me in the super final. It had shaped up to be the perfect showdown! Who was better, the GP World Champ or the Flat Track World Champ? It was pretty much a picture perfect race, we were side by side from the moment the gate dropped and swapping the lead several times. To tell everyone the truth I was holding back about 90%. My lap times were about a half a second faster during the earlier races but I wanted to make it a "Super" final, not a blow out. Marc was doing everything he could to keep me behind him, running me wide several times and pushing really hard. Finally the laps were winding down and I had to make a move to get by him and not let him run me wide again. I squared him up coming off of turn 4 and got the drive on him going into turn 1. Unfortunately, I was charging in hard and he did not want to let me by and tried to shut the door. There was hard contact between his handle bar and my knee and it took his front end out from under him and he hit the ground hard! That was not my intentions at all, it upset me a lot that our battle ended like that but like they say, when you mess with the bull you get the horns! I rode the last two laps out and did a nice American stand up wheelie past the checkered. I was really happy that no one was upset after the race and even Marc told me it was not completely all my fault, it was just a racing incident.

Brad BakerThe Trip was an outright amazing experience! I can't thank Mark Gardiner, Dennis Noyes, Jaime Alguersuri, RPM Racing, and Marc Marquez enough for getting me over there and making the event possible! Also a huge thanks to KTM of Spain and KTM Racing for supplying me with an excellent motorcycle. I am really happy with my move to KTM and I think we have just started to turn some heads. I can't wait for Daytona to show case my FMC Dyno Center KTM 450! I never thought I would get shown so much respect from so many people in a foreign country. Motorcycles are a way of life to many in Europe, they almost treated me better over there then they do over here! In total there was about 8,000 fans in the stands, 122 journalist at the event, 3 television crews, and around 150,000 people in the United States watched the live feed on! By far the most exposure I have ever got and the whole sport of dirt track has received in a long time!! I have a tremendous amount of respect for Marc and some of the other GP riders! They are great dirt trackers for the little amount of time they have done it. Flat track has been on a pretty good comeback here in the states and I believe this event will boost its momentum big time.

Thank you to the rest of my 2014 sponsors and all of my fans.. I can't wait to get this season into full swing!!

AMA Schedule 2014

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (December 3, 2013)- AMA Pro Racing is pleased to announce the complete AMA Pro Flat Track schedule for the upcoming 2014 season; an agenda that includes 16 rounds featuring non-stop entertainment and thrilling motorcycle racing action from the AMA Pro Grand National Championship (GNC) and AMA Pro Singles classes

"We're excited to be announcing the 2014 AMA Pro Flat Track schedule today," said Michael Gentry, Chief Operating Officer of AMA Pro Racing. "AMA Pro Flat Track is America's original extreme sport, and we're looking forward to watching our riders thrill crowds across the country during another action-packed season of racing in 2014."

Of the 16 races scheduled as part of the 2014 AMA Pro Flat Track calendar, the GNC Expert Singles will compete at four of the rounds, broken down into two Short Tracks and two TTs, while the thundering GNC Expert Twins will contest the remaining 12 rounds, consisting of six Half-Mile and six Mile tracks. Fans can also expect to watch the sport's finest up-and-coming talent battle for fame and glory in Pro Singles races at the majority of the events.

On March 13 and 14, 2014, DAYTONA Flat Track will once again play host to the AMA Pro Flat Track opener as the series kicks off the 2014 season with a doubleheader on the quarter-mile lime rock track located just outside Daytona International Speedway's west banking. At the 2013 season opener in Daytona Beach, Fla., fans witnessed four riders claim their first career victories at the professional level in dramatic fashion.

Next up, the series will make its first annual stop in Springfield, Ill. for the Springfield Mile on May 25, 2014 and will return again to the legendary venue on August 31, 2014 for the second go-around. Last season, Brandon Robinson made his money at Springfield, earning two convincing victories in a crucial late-season doubleheader weekend.

The series will head to Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa on June 15, 2014 for Round 4. Kenny Coolbeth earned a split-second victory at the Knoxville Half-Mile in 2012 over then defending champion Jake Johnson. After taking a break from the Marion County venue in 2013, the series is scheduled to return to Knoxville Raceway in 2014 to run in conjunction with the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series and provide the same exhilarating action that it does everywhere else.

Round 5 of AMA Pro Flat Track will take place at the Allen County Fairgrounds in Lima, Ohio for the Lima Half-Mile on June 28, 2014. Dating back to 1984, AMA Pro Flat Track has made the trek to Lima to take on the pea-gravel circuit and the 2014 event should be another weekend filled with exciting racing.

It wouldn't be a normal 4th of July weekend without AMA Pro Flat Track racing in Hagerstown, Md. The series is set to roll out the thundering twin-cylinder motorcycles on July 5, 2014 at Hagerstown Speedway for the Hagerstown Half-Mile. Eventual 2013 Grand National Champion Brad Baker earned his first win at the GNC Expert level at Hagerstown last season and will look to have similar success following America's Independence Day in 2014.

The first west coast tour begins on July 19, 2014 with a Half-Mile event at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, Wash. The venue will serve as the first time that AMA Pro Flat Track tires will have touched this particular soil and the event will be hosted by a new promoter.

On July 26, 2014, the series will make its second west coast appearance at the famous Sacramento Mile in Sacramento, Calif. Last season, Bryan Smith recorded his first of two wins on the year at the Cal Expo and the Flint, Mich. product will look to continue his success on mile- long tracks when the series returns to Sacramento in 2014.

The first TT event will take place at Castle Rock Race Park in Castle Rock, Wash. for the Castle Rock TT on August 2, 2014. Jeffrey Carver recorded his lone win of the season last year in AMA Pro Expert Singles competition as he crossed the stripe a little over a second ahead of second-place finisher and 2012 Grand National Champion Jared Mees.

Next up, the series heads to Black Hills Speedway in Rapid City, S.D. for the Sturgis Half-Mile on August 5, 2014, run in conjunction with the largest annual bike rally in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts will flock to the 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the timing couldn't be any better with the Grand National Championship coming to town in the midst of all the excitement.

The Indy Mile at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Ind., returns to the 2014 schedule on August 8, 2014 and the event will once again coincide with both the Indiana State Fair and MotoGP's state-side return for the Red Bull Indianapolis GP at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Next up is the second and final TT of the season, and the granddaddy of them all, scheduled for August 17, 2014 at Peoria Race Park in Peoria, Ill. Henry Wiles has owned the Peoria TT for nearly an entire decade and he will look to collect his 10th win at the Midwest venue next season. The Peoria TT has been a staple on the Grand National circuit since 1947 and still packs the hillsides with spectators eager to watch the high-flying singles takes to the track.

After a successful inauguration to the Grand National scene last season, Colonial Downs will host Round 13 of the AMA Pro Flat Track schedule on August 23, 2014. The 1.25 mile-long circuit, located in New Kent, Va., measures in as the largest track on the schedule and will surely provide for some thrilling racing action.

Following the second Springfield Mile event on Labor Day weekend, the season wraps up with two final bouts on the west coast with the Santa Rosa Mile in Santa Rosa, Calif. on September 28, 2014 and the Flat Track Season Finale on October 11, 2014 at the LA County Fairplex in Pomona, Calif. These two races proved to be critical at the tail-end of last season, as Brad Baker, Bryan Smith and Brandon Robinson were neck-and-neck going down the homestretch of 2013. In the end it was Baker who sealed the final victory at Pomona to cap off an amazing season and capture the coveted No. 1 plate.

  1. March 13: Daytona Short Track I, Daytona Beach, FL
  2. March 14: Daytona Short Track II, Daytona Beach, FL
  3. May 25: Springfield Mile I, Springfield, IL
  4. June 15: Knoxville Half-Mile, Knoxville, IA
  5. June 28: Lima Half-Mile, Lima, OH
  6. July 5: Hagerstown Half-Mile, Hagerstown, MD
  7. July 19: Grays Harbor Half-Mile, Elma, WA
  8. July 26: Sacramento Mile, Sacramento, CA
  9. August 2: Castle Rock TT, Castle Rock, WA
  10. August 5: Sturgis Half-Mile, Rapid City, SD
  11. August 8: Indy Mile, Indianapolis, IN
  12. August 17: Peoria TT, Peoria, IL
  13. August 23: Colonial Downs Mile, New Kent, VA
  14. August 31: Springfield Mile II, Springfield, IL
  15. September 28: Santa Rosa Mile, Santa Rosa, CA
  16. October 11: Flat Track Season Finale, Pomona, CA

AMA Pro Racing is the premier professional motorcycle racing organization in North America, operating a full schedule of events and championships for a variety of motorcycle disciplines. Learn more about AMA Pro Racing at

For additional information contact: AMA Pro Racing Communications, (386) 492-1014,

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